Toner Cartridge Recycling Program

Recycled cartridges use 80% less energy than manufacturing new plastics and for every recycled cartridge put back into the market, approximately 3.5 pounds of solid waste is diverted from entering landfills.

As part of QRX's commitment to the sustainable business practices, we are proud to offer our Recycling Program nation wide for inkjet and laser toner cartridges at no cost to our customers. We offer a simple 4 step process to make it easy for our customers to do their part for a more sustainable future.

We urge all organizations to join with us and take part in our state-of-the-art National Recycling Program. It costs nothing to participate and will have a lasting impact on the planet.

To learn more about the recycling program offered by QRX and how your organization can participate, download our brochure.


1 Gallon

It takes 1 gallon of oil to produce new cartridge and increases our carbon footprint by producing 2.5 times the emissions than a remanufactured cartridge.

300 Million

The number of cartridges thrown away per year, ending up in landfill. Stacked end-to-end, that's enough to circle the earth twice.

1 Billion

The number of cartridges used every year but only 30% are recycled. The remaining 70% are discarded, adding 4 million cubic feet of waste to landfills.

IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) and Asset Recovery

Whether you are decommissioning a data centre, planning to retire corporate devices or wondering what to do with the old hardware accumulating around the office, IT Asset Disposition might be right solution to securely and effectively address this growing technology challenge.

Asset disposition refers to the process of properly disposing of or recycling unwanted or obsolete hardware. This also extends to the secure destruction of data beyond recovery from the device or hardware itself. Ultimately, the goal is to minimize the environmental impact of electronic waste by refurbishing outdated electronics for redeployment and resale and recycling items that cannot be salvaged.


ITAD Service Includes:

  • Checkmark Detailed SOW (Statement of Work)
  • Checkmark Strict Chain-of-Custody process
  • Checkmark Audit, Verification, Testing of assets
  • Checkmark Data Erasure & Destruction (Certificates Provided Upon Completion)
  • Checkmark Redeploy, Remarket or Recycle
  • Checkmark Packing & Secure Transport to Processing Center

Secure Tape Backup Destruction

As backups transition to a digitized format, the need for secure and verifiable destruction of tape and related media backup has increased. Through this service, QRX helps organizations address their need to ensure confidential information remains confidential as well as dispose of obsolete or redundant electronic waste in a responsible way.


Secure Tape Backup Destruction Service Includes:

  • Checkmark Certificate of Media destruction
  • Checkmark Strict Chain-of-Custody process
  • Checkmark Services conducted on a per-project basis
  • Checkmark Material is securely recycled in a partner facility



PaperNeutral™ Program

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Recycled and FSC, SFI Certified Paper

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Multi-pack Toner,Ink and Media

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PaperNeutral™ Program

The PaperNeutral™ program ensures an equal number of trees are replanted to offset the amount of trees that were removed to manufacture the paper for day-to-day business. By taking part in this sustainable program, companies will receive a PaperNeutral™ certification to demonstrate the100% offset of their paper consumption.


Recycled and FSC, SFI Certified Paper

Recycled and FSC, SFI Certified Paper (Recycled and FSC, SFI Certified Paper.png) Both recycled paper and FSC, SFI Certified paper are used by companies looking to minimize their environmental impact. Recycled paper is made from various percentages of post-consumer waste rather than from the pulp of trees. FCS, SFI Certified paper on the other hand is manufactured from timber and pulp coming from forests that are sustainably managed through a rigorous set of standards and rules. These certification programs ensure the ethical treatment of indigenous people, protection of biodiversity, species at risk and wildlife habitat, sustainable harvest levels, protection of water quality, and prompt forest regeneration.

Sustainability Recycling Sustainability Forestry Sustainability Stewartship

Multi-pack Toner, Ink and Media

Multi-pack Toner, Ink and Media can not only be a more economical option when purchasing business supplies, it can also help in reducing your carbon footprint. From a reduction in packaging and waste to decreasing the number of deliveries, purchasing multi-packs can help your business in becoming more environmentally friendly.

Contact us to find out about any of the above services or how we can customize a solution to suit your needs.
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