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QRX Technology Group Celebrates its 25th Anniversary!!25TH Anniversary

It was back in 1989 when QRX Technology Group started as a family business with a small group of staff. The company began to distribute office supplies to small business in the Greater Toronto Area.

In those days offices used typewriters, large printers, fax machines and copiers. The first years were very modest with the company selling ribbons, ink/toner and other supplies locally.

Slowly, with hard work and sheer determination the company started to grow. It built a national customer base and strategic alliances to better serve customer needs.  The product offering was expanded and inventory was increased to meet the changing needs of the market.

For the duration, there have been many industry changes. PC technology replaced typewriters. Printers became smaller, more efficient and faxes were replaced by electronic e-mails.  Multi-function equipment (MFP) consolidated all office functions (print, copy, fax, scan) into one.

The company evolved and adjusted with time. Seven years ago it moved to a new modern 35,000 square foot warehouse and added new administration and sales offices in Vaughan, Ontario.

To serve customers more efficiently the group introduced on-line ordering and more recently an e-Store that features over 100,000 IT items.

Grace Martins was promoted to General Manager after a successful career in sales. Under her leadership the company continued to grow with new products and services added.

Today, QRX Technology Group proudly celebrates 25 years in business! We are a large, national distributor of IT consumables and have recently expanded to Managed Print and Workflow solutions, serving top corporations, institutions and government. We have strengthened our strategic alliances and partnerships with all major OEM manufacturers to bring our customers a complete selection of imaging, print and IT storage supplies as well as the latest in hardware.

We continue to invest in our industry as it evolves to exciting new directions, so we can offer our customers the latest in workflow solutions and services to meet their unique needs.


A word of thanks…..

The company’s growth would not have been possible without the support of loyal employees, strategic partners and our customers.

In this year of celebration a special word of thanks goes out to all!

For the future, the company remains committed to the highest level of customer service through innovation and continuous improvement.

We are excited about the upcoming launch of our new website that will be a good point of reference for QRX Technology Group today. In celebration of our 25th anniversary, watch out for special promotions and offers to be featured in upcoming newsletters!


QRX Annual Sales Meeting

The group’s annual sales meeting was held in Toronto March 6, 7. Grace Martins, General Manager, reviewed the progress of the company and outlined the strategic direction for 2014.

Several presentations from strategic partners were done after the business review to inform the group of recent industry trends and new technologies.

Following the presentations many awards were given to qualifying employees including the annual ” Star Club” awards.

The two day meeting was complemented by a dinner in a local Italian Restaurant.

Mike Kelly, Lisa Lyras, Olivia Yemam, Charity Resendes, Joey Labao, Connie Labao France Dupont, Grace Martins, Jean-Guy Arsenault, Sabur Sikder, and Nelson Au

Mike Kelly, Lisa Lyras, Olivia Yemam, Charity Resendes, Joey Labao, Connie Labao France Dupont, Grace Martins, Jean-Guy Arsenault, Sabur Sikder, and Nelson Au



20 Years

Grace Martins

10 Years

Michael Kelly

Jean-Guy Arsenault

5 Years

Nelson Au

Lisa Lyras

France Dupont 

Stephanie Doucet