Managed Print

What are Managed Print Services?

The act of managing and optimizing printing, imaging and copying equipment and related processes within your business.

Simply put, managed print can be applied to the way you order toner supplies and service today up to full business process improvements, typically with turnkey saving and no capital investment. Let us show you a better way to manage your print!


QRX leading software tools will capture your current print environment information, such as:  monthly print volumes and trend by device, user and/or departmental needs and specific functions. We will do this for all print devices, in all locations of your organization. Then, we will perform a detailed assessment to identify your needs. Next step, let’s plan …

Design and Plan

QRX will identify, create and propose a program customized to your organization. From a basic program to align cost and productivity, to a fully optimized program featuring a staged process around rightsizing, re-cascading technology or a replacement strategy. All programs tailored to your needs. QRX is ready to help…..


We are now ready to implement the new print strategy.  Replacing or load balancing older less efficient devices with more efficient devices to stabilize up-time and take advantage of new functionality. Increasing the cost efficiency of your print supplies. We have the expertise to make it happen…

Manage/Workflow Optimization

Now that we have your print fleet on a great foundation (equipment, service and supplies program) and great print strategy based on the design, floor plans and user needs, we will help you stay on track over the next few years.

But we are not done, we will continue to reassess your print environment and identify areas to improve. Our Managed Print Consultants will have  the information necessary to analyze all areas of print management including your workflow, security and managing documents. When the time is right, we will be offering the latest and leading edge software solutions to move you into Business Process Optimization (BPO).

The QRX Managed Print Strategy will help you continue to PRINT LESS and SAVE MORE.

Because your business changes often, you need a program that will continue to monitor, assess, design and redesign a print strategy that works for your dynamic business environment.

That’s the QRX consultative plan and how we continue to help optimize our customer’s print environment. Can we help you?

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