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Security: Pull Printing is a printing feature where a user’s print job is held on a server and released by the user at any printing device which supports this feature. It is also referred to as ‘FollowMe’/FollowYou/ Secure Print printing. The user needs to first authenticate themselves at the printer, either using embedded software (e.g. a pin code), or an external device (e.g. a smartcard).  Once they have been authenticated, the user may select from the list of print jobs on the server which ones they wish to release at the current device. Some systems also allow delegation where the user may access print jobs submitted by other users or systems.

For many organizations waste from documents, left uncollected at the printer, can equate to 20%-50% of all printing causing concern for revenue margins.  Reduce the losses by controlling waste and facilitating business process improvement.


  • Flexibility:  The user can print first and choose the printer afterward (while standing next to it).
  • Costs and environment:  Reduces uncollected paper.
  • Security:  The user must authenticate (e.g. pin code, smartcard). Some printers already have a similar feature by default. Users can ensure no-one else reads private or confidential documents because the user will be waiting at the printer for the printing to finish.
  • Accounting:  Although this is not really a Pull Printing feature, centralized printing solutions often come with these additional features (e.g. reporting, charging, monitoring). Some vendors offer these features separately and even for free