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QRX offers a wide variety of solutions to add value to our Managed Print customers.  We start by mapping your workflow and document management to identify and assess your needs.  We then determine, through our various partners, the best solution(s) for your business and help you implement those solutions.

Document workflow solutions must be:

  • Distributed — Accessible from any desktop, MFP, or network scanner
  • Easy to Use — For every user
  • Scalable — From the smallest company or departmental application to enterprise-wide deployments
  • Interconnected — With IT infrastructures and corporate compliance requirements while providing seamless integration to line-of-business applications
  • Reliable and Supportable — Backed by mission-critical application support
  • Extensible — To support future expansion.

Mobile Print

Many people in office settings use a basic version of mobile printing all the time. For example, everyone has a wireless local area network (WLAN). Employees can print from their laptops to a network printer from anywhere in the office. But if work takes us out of the office, we need another way to print.  read more

Secure Release Printing

Security: Pull Printing is a printing feature where a user’s print job is held on a server and released by the user at any printing device which supports this feature.   read more

Document Routing

Faxing Solutions – Centralized Digital Faxing

Digital fax is simply fax sent via email or mobile phone, not via a faxing machine. It doesn’t use paper or electricity and it can go to anybody’s email. It also doesn’t need a fax line as the services are performed by special providers that give you applications for faxing. Let QRX show you how.

User and Rules Based Printing and Reporting

Complete Visibility – QRX identifies your entire local and network printers. By collecting comprehensive usage statistics for each print job, our software can provide comprehensive information at the organizational, group, individual and application levels. This information is compiled into detailed cost and usage reports for complete visibility of printing patterns and cost structures.

Ongoing Optimization

We provide flexible printer rules to optimize an organization’s print activities including paper usage for additional savings up to 20%.   read more

Additional Managed Services include:

On-site Data Back-up and Storage

The Cloud

  • IT Virtualization
  • Backup and Disaster Recovery
  • Mail Content Management
  • Unified Communications

Whatever the need, QRX can help find the right solution that fits!

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